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Welcome to the Globe Telecom iPulse Trial Program!

iPulse™ is "Extreme Messaging". It allows an individual to choose how to be reached using a single iPulse contact ID. It combines instant messaging, unified messaging, voice and text chat, web collaboration, and more.

The trial program will allow you to communicate with other iPulse users in the following manner:

  • PC-PC text chat
  • PC-PC voice chat (multimedia PC required)
  • PC-mobile phone text paging (connection to the mobile network via an SMS gateway required)
  • PC-telephone voice chat (connection to the PSTN via a voice gateway is required)
  • Multi-party PC-PC text conferencing
  • Multi-party PC-PC web conferencing

You will soon be able to invite your friends and colleagues to sign-up in this program once we are fully operational.

Join now and experience how it feels to be able to retrieve messages from virtually any device, anywhere, anytime. Sign up now!

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